vnsplshr (vnsplshr) wrote in lastdiscodays,

Love Whit's movies.

I re-watched TLDOD over and over until the VHS tape was damaged. I'd love to get it
on DVD, but it's unavailable under $40, in the States.

I have my own community based on Whit Stillman's films, but no members yet.

What do you like best about the film?

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I wish I could get the DVD of it, because I think it´s great, love oit so much, specially the portrait about the characters, some many great quotes about the film.
Apparently, there's a new Frech version. If you have a DVD player that handles all regions... and you don't mind subtitles... it might be a good deal.
pardon my spelling
why? ok, I am going to find it, no matter what... lol!
which is your WW community?
It's gone since my last discussion. I figured I'd kill it off in hopes that your site might members.